Free Antivirus Scan

If you are looking to protect your PC but want to make sure that you are using a good product, why not take advantage of a free antivirus scan? There are two routes that you can take with this. Some companies allow a free scan of your computer but you will need to pay for the full antivirus product to remove any problems found. The second option is to download a free product that will also remove viruses.

The companies that allow a free antivirus scan include Bit Defender and Panda Security. Both of these companies have a good reputation in the field of creating computer security products. The reason they allow you to carry out a free scan is for you to get a feel for how simple their products are to use. The hope is that you then go on to buy the full product.

However, don't rely on this free scan for your antivirus protection. Although it is better then doing nothing, carrying out a scan is only the first step in protecting your PC. You really want a full working product available to you as soon as any virus is encountered on your machine. It is also better to have a product that provides 'real-time scanning'. With this feature, viruses are detected as soon as they try to get on your computer. This is better than waiting to find them on your next manual virus scan.

The second option is to use a totally free antivirus product. These can be downloaded for no charge and will both scan your computer and remove any problems that are found. AVG Antivirus is a program that falls into this category. It also provides some real time scanning ability.

Protecting your PC is a serious business. Using software that will provide a free antivirus scan is a great first step in protecting yourself. You will also need to decide what software to use to remove viruses and provide real time protection for your computer.

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