4 Steps To Clean A Computer From A Virus

Having a virus on your computer can cause your
computer to slow down, install spy ware and ad ware, or let hackers
into your computer to steal your information. Knowing how to clean your
virus-infected computer is easy. Here are some tips to show you how.

soon as you think your computer might be infected you should disconnect
your computer from the Internet and any networks you computer might be
on. This is to ensure that the virus does not spread to other computers.

you have an anti-virus program installed make sure it is updated first
then run a full system scan. The anti-virus might not detect the virus
if the program is not updated.

Some anti-virus programs will
detect the virus, but will not be able to remove it. If that is the
case, you can get a different program by downloading it from a computer
that is not infected or you can go to your local computer store and get
a different one there.

Most anti-virus programs will ask you to
restart you computer after it is finished scanning. Once you restart
you computer run another scan to make sure that the virus is gone. When
you restart your computer make sure that it is still disconnected from
the Internet and other networks. Once you are sure that the virus is
gone, reconnect the computer.

The best way to combat against
viruses is to be cautious of programs and files you and other people
that use your computer download. Do not open any e-mail messages or
attachments you do not recognize. Get a good anti-virus program that is
updated frequently and run system scans regularly.

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